Teddy’s Atonomy

Arnoud van den Heuvel
March 22nd 2008

teddybears atonomy

Wool sculptor Stephanie Metz researched the meaning of 'cute' through the morphology of some Teddy bear species.

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Posted 25/03/2008 – 07:12

Cute? It's 100% Teddy embryo anthropomorphobia! ;-)
But I like the multiple-facets in the work: On the one hand it is plain educational and learns us on the various stages of embryo growth, on the other hand it also takes the teddy bear to an extreme and provides the toy with a history, a life, a reality. Our bioengineering readers might get some naughty ideas from this piece.

Posted 24/03/2008 – 22:59

an embryo of a teddy bear. this is so cute!

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