Dirt 2.0

Rolf Coppens
April 2nd 2008


To increase decrease CO2 a lot of plans are made to cover city buildings with roof gardens. One problem however is that those gardens tend to be quite heavy. Especially when you are building in a country like Japan where the ground isn't that steady, that's a problem. That's why the Japanese company Suntory invented new a new kind of soil, mixed with 50% plastic. To make it lighter, but I guess it must also be a really good way to store waste.
Is it still trash when it doesn't look like trash?

suntory.com | Related: Green Roofs for Living

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Rolf Coppens
Posted 03/04/2008 – 12:27


Posted 03/04/2008 – 04:22

To increase CO2?? shouldn't it be 'to decrease' CO2? =P I thought plants absorb CO2 and why would anyone want more CO2 when we got plenty of that eheh!

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