Indoor sports: the hyper-hyper-reality

Van Mensvoort
May 24th 2008

indoor skydiving

Always wanted to take that parachute jump from the airplane, but never dared to? Why not try an indoor sky dive? Less interesting view, but more floating time. You can jump in here, here, or here. I admit jumping in a vertical wind tunnel feels less natural than an outdoor skydiving, but... wait.. did I say 'natural' there? Clearly there is nothing natural in jumping from an airplane, so how can outdoor skydiving feel more natural than indoor skydiving?

We usually don't realize that sports like skydiving, snowboarding, golf, tennis and football in fact aren't 'natural' activities. They don't play badminton in old nature. Sport = hyperreality; a substitute for the numbed physicality in our everyday lives. Now then, if sport is already hyperreal, how should we call the indoor ski slopes, beaches and skydiving tunnels that merely fake the hyperreal activity sport already is? Hyper-hyper-reality?

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Posted 22/06/2008 – 04:43

Sport is hyper-real because it's not in nature? So what do you call getting in your big-assed SUV, driving to work in an office, having a starbucks and a big mac, driving home, watching TV or hitting the PS3/XBox, ordering a pizza and going to your king-sized bed with a fluffy duck-down quilt...Natural? Get real - there is nothing 'natural' about life anymore.

Posted 27/05/2008 – 02:38

I do live in a rough and cold environment. I do need a break. I want my mammoth!

Posted 25/05/2008 – 01:01

Still I think hunting for mammoths lies closer to the 'natural' behaviour of man than experiencing the adrenaline of sports, because the food-hunt 60.000 years ago was born of a necessity to survive in cold and rough environments. (That is where we come from and why we have eyebrows). If indoor-skydiving is referring to such conditions, then that is just hyperreal indeed. As for the new sport you are proposing: Managers play that game every day on a large scale. It is called 'financial takeover'. Stocks are the mammoths of today! :)

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