Lilium Urbanus

May 27th 2008

lilium urbanus

Lilium Urbanus
is a collaborative senior thesis project by Anca Risca and Joji Tsuruga, recent graduates of SVA. Pretty cool to watch, the video is a metaphor of urban landscapes applied to a flourishing plant!

Via Cpluv. See also: Exploding City. Growing rooms, buildings & cities.

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Posted 28/05/2008 – 06:04

Gorgeous indeed. I am all for thinking of cities as living, growing entities, that have to be gardened ‘like flowers’, rather than preplanned (remember those countless visualizations of the city as a gigantic modernistic living machine that were so en vogue in the previous century?)
Still, I do have some mixed feelings on the visualization. As an image it is bit too illustrative for me.. like a jugenstill reprise.. I mean: next nature does not necessarily ‘look’ like old nature. Concrete flowers usually make me feel uncomfortable. But never mind my purist babble.. Fake flowers: no thank you. But when compiled of gigantic skyscrapers: Gorgeous!!

Posted 27/05/2008 – 19:43

Gorgeous and elegant. If only.

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