Luxalive – The emotionally aware lamp

Van Mensvoort
May 8th 2008


So you thought that animated Pixar Lamp from the movies was just a fantasy? Not anymore. Luxalive is a prototype of an reading lamp that moves according to the character of its user. For example, when you like to be dominant, the lamp will follow you like a slave. And when you like to help others, the lamp will not work well and ask you to help him to stay upright.

Created by by Ralf Zoontjes, as part of a larger research project aiming to design for specific human values, in order to make interactions with products aesthetically more valuable.

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Posted 28/05/2008 – 03:40

Originally this concept sounded interesting but after I read that it's incorperation into a human life is to follow around the more dominant person or act helpless to a helpfull person I lost my interest.
If it wants to follow my book as I adjust it around my desk or maybe change to some mood lighting when I switch to an adult magazine then thats cool but I don't need an incompetant lamp to beat around.

Hubert Guillaud
Posted 15/05/2008 – 14:42

Remember me AUR :

Posted 11/05/2008 – 07:51

Yeah, I seriously... don't get hte point. Both "abilities" would only irritate me (the user). Does it have a 'curl-up-into-a-ball-and-act-as-a-damn-lamp' ability?

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