The First Pregnant Man

Van Mensvoort
May 6th 2008

At first I thought this first pregnant man was a hoax, but after I saw it on Oprah I realized it must be 'real'. Well, the pregnant man is actually a former woman who had a sex change but kept her his reproductive organs. Welcome in the 21th century! I am telling you: the surrealists were telling the truth all along.

See also the peculiar neighbor responses on CNN Youtube. Thanks Selby.

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Amy Fox
Posted 05/12/2013 – 13:15

Much like how Christine Jorgesson was not "the first transsexual woman," merely the first famous transsexual, Thomas Beatty is not the first FtM trans guy to get pregnant. He's just the first one to get famous for it. Our people have been doing this for a long time.

Posted 22/04/2012 – 20:50

That's interesting. I gotta say, love what it says on the top right hand corner of this page. Fits perfectly with this topic.
But that's pretty epic how if you'd gone back in time a hundred years and told the people that a man got pregnant, you'd probably get hing for I dunno blasphemy... or lying. I don't even know what blasphemy means. But its a cool word.

Posted 25/07/2010 – 23:09

It is NOT a man - if it haven't got testicles, it ain't a man ..

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