Brandscape: Welcome Home

Arnoud van den Heuvel
May 23rd 2008

unox, welcome home

Wednesday May 21st the boeing I was in, flew over some crop–fields near Schiphol (Amsterdam airport) where I took this picture. It reads: "Welcome home!". Unox is a famous Dutch 'family' brand by Unilever, known for its typically Dutch kale and sausage meals. It occurred to me that this was not the first contact with my homeland I had hoped for... nor do I think this sign is welcoming Dutch travelers. Let me translate: "You consumer! Next fall, when our factories have processed it, we serve you nicely kerosine–flavored beans and cabbage. We produce / you buy and that is how we shape the world.
Or is it me and could this landscape alteration be seen as merely 'funny'?

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Posted 26/05/2008 – 14:48

I have found a on this 'welkom home!' sign and I think it is interesting to add that this summer corn sign was created in January by use of a precision sowing-machine, computer and satellite navigation. In 2006 this farmer (Jan Ham, living in Nieuw-Vennep) started printing these sky-ads for a famous Dutch potato brand 'Aviko' and in 2007 for 'NH-hotels'. The question how much such a sky-ad will cost, is answered diplomatically: 'The unsowed parts of land are well compensated'.
<img src="" width="530" height="398" alt="sowing machine"/>

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