Let the plants do the dirty work.

Van Mensvoort
June 24th 2008

Plant-powered indoor filtration system

Mathieu Lehanneur created a plant-powered indoor filtration system, that pulls in filthy air to be processed through a plant's leaves, roots, and humidity, reintroducing purified air back into the room.

plant air filtration system

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Heidi Erichsen
Posted 22/12/2012 – 11:25

Now hold on...I like where this is going, but an ordinary plant doesn't produce NEARLY enough oxygen at a fast enough speed for this to be viable, you'd need plants specifically engineered for the purpose...Probably a dense spongy moss would work best, something akin to the consistency of Reindeer moss, but photosynthesizing at a highly elevated rate, and at all times...

laura rodriguez:
Posted 18/09/2012 – 18:25

se pueden conseguir en mexico ,cuanto cuestan ,o si las mandan a mexico
atte.arq.laura rdz
monterrey,N.L. Mexico

Posted 18/06/2012 – 21:11

Buenos dias
Estoy interesado en comprar un equipo de estos.

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