Just right for the garden: Mini-Cow

Van Mensvoort
August 19th 2008

mini cow

Rising supermarket prices are persuading hundreds of families to turn their back gardens into mini-ranches stocked with miniature cattle.

For between £200 and £2,000, people can buy a cow that stands no taller than a large German shepherd dog, gives 16 pints of milk a day that can be drunk unpasteurised, keeps the grass “mown” and will be a family pet for years before ending up in the freezer.

Read more at: TimesOnline. Image: MyDairyCow.com. Thanks Jay Jakosky.

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Posted 12/05/2009 – 01:58

there is a such thing as a mini cow but this picture looks fake

Posted 20/08/2008 – 19:44

Looks like hoax

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