Liquified Furniture

Arnoud van den Heuvel
August 22nd 2008

nina saunders 01

Never, 1999. By Nina Saunders

Just a random collection of her works:

nina saunders 02

Any day now, 2003 – Woodland trust, 2007

nina saunders 03

Ever onwards, 2001

nina saunders 04

Age of Reason, 1995 – Confession, 2005
Sincerely Yours, 2007 – Pure Thought, 1995

nina saunders 06

Chair Porn, ?

nina saunders 07

Freedom to Choose, 1997

nina saunders 05

Exhale, 2007

nina saunders 09

By Pass, 2007 – Heartbreak, 2007

nina saunders 10

James, 1996

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