Waves of Asphalt

Van Mensvoort
October 13th 2008

Set amid farmland in rural Japan, this small project is a bizarre hybrid of landscape art and infrastructure. It consists of a square, 20-space car park that looks as if it has been struck by an earthquake – its corners have been lifted into the air, its surface ripples and buckles and a great gash has been torn in its black asphalt surface.

Designed by Parisian architects R&Sie, Asphalt Spot was commissioned by the Art Front Gallery in the nearby town of Tokamashi as an exhibition venue with integrated visitor facilities and parking. Yet the architects treated the project as an art installation itself, designing a structure that mimics the bumpy terrain and merges seamlessly with the surrounding landscape.

Waves of Asphalt
Via New Territories

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Posted 09/02/2014 – 11:08

A very large piece of art, or is it a sculpture?

Posted 01/07/2010 – 17:46

Sorry but this is just awful. Looks horrendous and is completely pointless.

Posted 14/11/2008 – 12:45

Interesting looking but I think not much fun to park on!

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