Napkin Sketch – On the impact of Design

Van Mensvoort
November 10th 2008


Created by Bruce Mau, who is not so much interested in the world of design, as in the design of the world.

See also Napkin Sketch – Nature changes along with us.

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Hendrik-Jan Grievink
Posted 14/11/2008 – 15:10

Design must be understood as a cultural force. But in next nature, we must understand it as a natural phenomena.

Koert van Mensvoort
Posted 12/11/2008 – 15:28

I agree with urbanaesthete that it is a word game, however this napkin sketch could also explain for some misunderstandings within the design community.. The left part presents 'design' merely as a servant of industry (lets face it: this is what a lot of designers are making there living with), whereas the right part depicts design in a much broader sense (more as a cultural force).
At the rare moments that I am attending 'design weeks' or 'design awards', I always feel a strong tension between the two interpretations. The napkin sketch helps me understand the schizophrenia within the field.
Oh and in case you were wondering: yes I do feel much more comfortable on the right part of the napkin sketch.

Posted 10/11/2008 – 21:53

This feels like a play on words. Design as part of business is a discrete practice, while design more broadly is philosophical, definitional and all encompassing.

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