Soil Lamp

November 11th 2008

soil lamp
The design of Marieke Staps used free and environment-friendly energy to create light. The metabolism of biological living produces enough electricity to burn the LED. The only thing the lamp needs is mud and water. The mud is spread out into multiple warrants. These warrants also consist of copper and zinc to conduct the electricity. The more warrants there are placed the more power will be produced.

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Victor L. Barradas
Posted 16/01/2014 – 21:34

This invention seems to me as a return to the origins before the dry cell, when the chemicals in the water produced electrical current, and eventually deteriorating the copper and zinc electrodes. In this case, it is the same with salt water system, but now sales are in the mud. As Stephen says, the electrodes should be finally replaced and will have an economic cost, and not only but an adjacent contamination due to the reaction of zinc and copper in the mud.

cg pandey
Posted 14/11/2008 – 01:22

I have heard about your site from friend. I wanna say you it is wonderful site. and i like this bulb most. I will definitely mention about it in my blog.
thanks for sharing these things with us.

Posted 12/11/2008 – 21:52

Great point Stephen! Nothing is free in life and/or in nature!

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