The Photoshop Beauties

Van Mensvoort
December 30th 2008

Usually we don't realize the hours of photoshopping spent on magazine and advertising images before publication. The raw photographic material reveals a lot about the fine craft of 'beauty construction'. The photo above shows documentary maker, former soap actress and challenger of the beauty industry Sunny Bergman, before and after 'the photoshop'.

Sunny's latest documentary Beperkt Houdbaar (Limited Preservation) makes a powerful analysis of the cultivation of the body for the beauty industry's economic benefit. We are looking forward to her contribution at the Powershow Next Nature in LA.

The photo is part of a larger photo series of new feminists by Manon van de Zwaal & Monique Bergen Henegouwen for HP de tijd magazine. I would love to see some reversed photoshopping done on the magazine models of which we haven't seen 'the before' as well.

stine jensen

Stine Jensen.

Myrthe hilkens

Myrthe Hilkens.

Photos: Manon van de Zwaal for HP de tijd magazine. Image retouche: Monique Bergen Henegouwen /

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Posted 02/05/2012 – 00:22
Posted 13/01/2012 – 06:58

(not to suggest the three examples here aren't really well executed)

Posted 13/01/2012 – 06:56

bit harder with the third one, who was gorgeous already. most photoshopping efforts tend to turn interesting faces into generic dolls. good for the less genetically blessed of us, unfortunate when (as in the third one) it renders the face void of any meaningful expression

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