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Arnoud van den Heuvel
January 7th 2009

This report on spooky showhost holograms appearing on national TV might be a bit of old news..., but I guess still worth posting. The word "hologram" CNN uses in this Youtube, is misleading as such, for the effect appears on screen only and is not physically/visually/observably present in that studio.

The quality of the technique used, is supposed to be more advanced than it appears in the CNN interview. The 'blue-ish' halo around the projection is put there on purpose (it was recorded to a greenscreen background!). CNN wanted to make sure the audience knew that a real fake train was approaching.

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Arnoud van den Heuvel
Posted 08/01/2009 – 04:14

@ Drausio: Post-production, yes of course - but this was realtime. The subject is recorded from different angles placed in a different stage moving exactly into position, calculated from the moving camera's point of view and broadcasted to your TV, all at once. Try that.

Posted 08/01/2009 – 03:30

Fuck, this is so lame! You can do that with after affects 3.0 (originally called Cosa) and there's nothing new about it!
They're selling it as cream of the crop...
Bullshit. Any average post production house can do it

Arnoud van den Heuvel
Posted 08/01/2009 – 03:15

@ Julian Lee
NextNature is very much about perceived reality values. To put this differently: with Plato we had shadows on the walls of a cave (television as a window through which 'a' reality is experienced)... now with the holograms we take shadows of two or more caves combined in realtime and experience their reflection as one (television as a collage of parts of different windows through which 'a' reality is experienced).
And to explain in this way what CNN did by adding the halo: the shadows of the different caves are name-tagged.

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