How to get rid of 2400 memory games

Van Mensvoort
January 1st 2009


The Fake for Real memory game was sold in a stylish box with a pattern resembling the internationally known and faked Louis Vuitton pattern. The LV pattern was ironically mimicked using right-free the ‘webdings’ font from MS Word. Can you do this? No you cannot, according to the lawyers of Louis Vuitton.

After the announcement of the redesigned Fake for Real memory game packaging, people have been asking us what happened to leftovers from the earlier edition. So what happened? In one word: TOILETPAPER. We thank the good people of Van Brunchem destruction services for their kind and professional care of our leftover 2400 memory games.

And the good news? If you happen to have an original first edition box, you are now in the possession of a rare and con-tro-ver-sial art piece.


More devastating images below.fakeforreal_destruct2.jpg

Fake for Real Memory Game

Out now: Third edition Fake for Real memory game. Get it while it lasts.

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Posted 14/01/2009 – 20:38

What a waste. Although I'd say 'Image destruction' is just part of the global image economy.

Peter schmidt
Posted 05/01/2009 – 15:05

How crude!! but anyway I like the new version better.

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