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Arnoud van den Heuvel
March 26th 2009

fried chicken nugget
Talking about image consumption...

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Banksy Tenners
Posted 26/05/2009 – 00:38

Banksy Prints - Diana Ten Pound Note's
Hi All!
I am selling some of my Banksy collection, they are Di-Faced Tenners prints.
The prints are in perfect condition (mint) and I have kept them in an acid free folder since I got them and my home is smoke free.
Please see the photos and video here:
Contact me - banksytenners (@) gmail (dot com)
I accept payment by PayPal =)

Koert van Mensvoort
Posted 26/03/2009 – 23:42

Ok Arnoud, It is is sound but also a bit of a stretch. 'Image consumption' fits better no?

Arnoud van den Heuvel
Posted 26/03/2009 – 22:54

Metaphor in the sense that the chicken-head nugget stands for negative side-effects of consumerism; boomeranged because cosmetics-industries have long been critiqued for their animal-testing practices while this ad tries to denigrade the food-industry. But yes, 'feedback' suits.

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