Animal Sweater

Rolf Coppens
April 23rd 2009

male-front.jpgNature used to be an unpredictable place of mystery. Fascinated with nature’s untamed wildness, artists created animal and floral patterns as a celebration of this phenomenon of the physical world. Today this wilderness has disappeared and nature has lost its unique position.

As we are surrounded by logos, we are systematically invited, encouraged and directed in what we do. Brands want to be personal and engage in a relationship with you. They want to become a central part of your life. But there is no dialogue, only targeted one-way communication. The symbols are constantly in your field of vision but they are still not part of the public domain. Ownership is of the corporations and the destiny of the logos is in their hands.In the Animal Sweater pattern, designed by the Swedish artist Karl Grandin, the animal shaped logos are set free. Emphasizing the beauty of the stylized animals and their collective kinship, rather than each mark’s individual commercial value, the pattern suggests a new way to experience the commercial imagery.

Sorry! The Animal Sweater is sold out. Please check our store for other attractive Next Nature merchandise.
The Animal Sweaters come in two versions, Female and Male, in two different sizes each.

All sweaters are wool and cotton knit, numbered from 1 to 50 and signed.
Price €250.


Sizing –

Female Animal size 1 (white collar)
Chest width: 49 cm - Bottom width: 43 cm  - Sleeve lenght: 57 cm - Length, highest point of the shoulder to bottom hem: 63 cm

Female Animal size 2 (white collar)
Chest width: 55 cm - Bottom width: 49 cm - Sleeve lenght: 59 cm - Length, highest point of the shoulder to bottom hem: 67 cm

Male Animal size 1 (black collar)Chest width: 54 cm - Bottom width: 49 cm - Sleeve lenght: 62 cm - Length, highest point of the shoulder to bottom hem: 68 cm

Male Animal size 2 (black collar)Chest width: 60 cm - Bottom width: 55 cm - Sleeve lenght: 64 cm - Length, highest point of the shoulder to bottom hem: 72 cm

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Koert van Mensvoort
Posted 21/10/2012 – 22:43
Posted 19/10/2012 – 19:33

Is there any possibility of another run of these sweaters being produced? I would very much like to buy at least 2 of them.

Posted 25/01/2012 – 06:35

When will new shipments of the animal sweater arrive for purchase?

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