GPS influence on street signage?

Van Mensvoort
April 10th 2009

nokia street
In the future, every street will be a Nokia street? Perhaps not, however we may expect some changes in street signage due to the arrival of mobile & gps technology. Once everyone is carrying a personal navigation device those bluntly placed street signage may become obsolete – Try and find a cellphone booth in your neighborhood if you are not convinced.

I guess the question is not whether GPS technology will alter street signage, but rather which navigation solution feels more natural. Lets do a quick poll.

Which of the following feels more natural?
A) Finding your way using street signs and a paper map.
B) Finding your way with an interactive GPS solution.

Type your answer + explanation (optional) in the comment box below.

On the Road, Google Manhole, Your grand-grand-grand parents new media, Follow the red cable. Image via Postais Globais.

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Posted 10/08/2012 – 04:08

Hopefully the day will never come when everyone is "carrying a personal navigation device." Almost there, but not quite, and street signs will still work when the oil wells go dry and the power goes out for good.

Posted 01/07/2010 – 01:43

To be honest, I've never used GPS wayfinding. I prefer to look at a map and exercise my internal, biological memory instead... oh, and I enjoy the adventure of making the odd mistake and having to ask someone.

Posted 31/03/2010 – 02:21

B) - though I most add that A sounds more exciting ( but lets keep that for holidays)

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