Romantic Landscape

Van Mensvoort
April 20th 2009

romantic landscape
But not as we know it.

This peculiar image of the week was created by Cyprien Gaillard and is titled: Belief in the Age of Disbelief (2005). Seen at Trendbeheer and Stroom.

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Koert van Mensvoort
Posted 22/04/2009 – 01:01

Thanks for the info, now I remember where I saw it and I updated the post.

Posted 21/04/2009 – 14:21

Correct, Seen it. Too bad there were only a few works there. This was one of the best ones there.

Edwin Gardner
Posted 21/04/2009 – 04:00

it's by Cyprien Gaillard, titled: Belief in the Age of Disbelief, 2005. there was an exhibit of him at Stroom, the Hague

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