Where newspaper racks go to die

Van Mensvoort
April 7th 2009

These photos of disused newspaper racks in a San Francisco storage yard – taken March 13, 2009 by AP/Noah Berger – are pretty much all you need to know about the state of the industry. No one is buying, and it's time to throw the old technology for distributing news away.f-2_5301.jpg
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Frank Abernathy
Posted 05/05/2009 – 22:12

You think that's bad, try to actually buy some! We're looking for newspaper racks - even used - that we could sand down and recycle for our own newspaper. We would pick up. If anybody knows who to contact, please let me know at frank@ivhttp://-times.com. Thanks.

Jan Gillesen
Posted 19/04/2009 – 12:24

Aww, there must be something creative to be done with all these cute stands? Maybe they will form a giant news-paper megazord robot!

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