Green Vibes

Arnoud van den Heuvel
May 13th 2009

green vibrator

The big lobby to endeavor for a climate neutral lifestyle must have reached its peak. It is common knowledge that recycling electronic and battery operated utensils is better for the planet, but if there ever was a taboo reckoning sex toys to that philosophy; with the Earth Angel it is now shattered. The vibrator in question is completely made from recycled materials and uses a wind-up crank to charge the internal rechargeable battery. Winding up for four minutes gives you half an hour of pleasure.

Saving the earth was never more fun!

The producer also has a range of 100% organic lubricants, so you can be completely eco-friendly in the bedroom!

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Koert van Mensvoort
Posted 14/05/2009 – 19:24

Interesting how the device still requires, yet postpones the physical activity required for masturbation.

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