How will Michael Jackson appear in heaven?

Van Mensvoort
June 26th 2009

michael jackson nextnature Im Memoriam: Michael Jackson 1958-2009
Our beloved King of Pop, Michael Jackson, who died tragically at the age of fifty after suffering cardiac arrest, was one of the most widely beloved entertainers and influential artists of all-time. And he wasn’t only a pioneering in music.

Throughout his career, he underwent countless groundbreaking cosmetic operations to recreate his own face according to an ideal he had in mind. Sadly, after each surgery, that ideal seemed to shift, necessitating new adjustments.

Using childhood photo’s of Michael and knowledge on basic aging trends, forensic artists constructed a portrait of how Michael would have looked at age 50, had he never undergone plastic surgery. The difference between the portraits is striking. But which is the real Michael? The man of flesh and blood, sculpted by plastic surgeons or the highly speculative forensic image? Both Michaels are virtual in their own right.

If heaven exists, I am sure Michael Jackson is chilling there now with James Brown. Yet, I have no idea how Michael will appear in the hereafter.

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Posted 23/11/2011 – 23:33

Michael Jackson es mi idolo,ojala isieran un juego donde hay que hacerle cirujia plastica pero que no tenga que descargarse solo entrar en alguna pagina web.

Posted 10/11/2011 – 21:29

well he was a kind , loving human being so i really wish him heaven!! i hope he is in heaven! anyway its up to god! please pray for him ask god to accept him into heaven in jesus' name!! shame , i only got to find out about him after he died and then i started to get into his music, his kindness his life in youtube ! iwatched loads of videos about him and his loving music! and when my time comes i hope god accepts me and when i get to heaven i hope to see him and then meet him and maby ( just maby) becaome good firends quite impossible because hes the king of pop and everything but we are goin to spend eternity in heaven so i can try and find him! so see you there michael jackson! oh and god!

Posted 06/10/2011 – 06:16

In the next world I don't think it matters how much money or fame that you had, How you abused children though, yeah, I think that matters a lot. So I rest in the knowledge that he's not famous Michael in the next world but he is just known as child abuser, and take advantage of family's because of money..... Oh, I'm sure he's paying right now. Let Give Conrad the keys to the city for protecting children!!!

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