The Human Printer

Rolf Coppens
July 16th 2009

For a while now printer ink is probably the most expensive liquid per litre on earth. Still we need our images so badly that we accept this fact. The Human Printer manages to make it even more expensive (although for now it's free). Watch how it works and view the different printer models.

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AJ Farkas
Posted 22/07/2009 – 00:09

Bummer. I've been working on this same project for a year now. I think it's more about the relationship between artistic media (ie painting, photography, digital imaging, and printmaking) more than about the man v. machine thing. And if you care for the academic side, I could write an essay about the glitch and the revelation of the process, understanding the medium, etc. For now I'll go wallow in an artistic funk.

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