Corporate animal wallpaper (in real life)

Van Mensvoort
August 18th 2009

Students of the Next Nature Theme at TU/e Industrial design in Eindhoven decided to jungle-up their working environment a bit with the corporate animal wallpaper.

Hand painted (!) by Jurrian Tjeenk Willink, Glenn Jacobs, Kevin Pfeil and Josien Rijswijk. Original pattern design by Karl Grandin, of whom the corporate animal sweater is still available.

See also: Corporate animal pattern laptop engraving, Five strategies of biomimicmarketing, A wood of logos, Nextnature@Volume magazine, Designing for Next Nature @ TU Eindhoven.

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Nature Wallpapers
Posted 30/08/2009 – 10:33

wow very nice wallpapers

Koert van Mensvoort
Posted 19/08/2009 – 00:21

Thanks Jurrian, Sorry about the misspelling. I fixed that (I knew you weren't married).
I guess I could have posted a better picture than this snapshot from the work in progress, although on the finished ones you might think it is a pre-printed wallpaper (except for some of the more poorly painted logos that were done by me ;) )

Posted 18/08/2009 – 23:23

Koert, nice that you put it on the site. I like it better when it's finished though.
(ps: het is Tjeenk Willink en niet Tjeenk-Willink; ik ben niet getrouwd)

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