Freshness Label

Van Mensvoort
September 1st 2009

Japanese design agency To-Genkyo proposes a dynamic freshness label for meat products. The hourglass-shaped label contains special ink that changes color based on the amount of ammonia emitted by the meat (the older the meat, the more ammonia it releases).

Hence you can easily read from the handy label if the meat is still fresh!! But wait.. could you not simple derive from the meat ITSELF if it is fresh? Well, some can perhaps, but nowadays most people can not 'read meat', so we need an authoritative label to tell us what we can and can't consume.

Elegant detail: When the meat is no longer suitable for sale, the ink blocks the barcode at the bottom so that it cannot be scanned at the cash register.

Via Pinktentacle. Related: Forefather Ox cloned to revive delicious steak, Image consumption, Where it came from, Orthorexia Nervosa, The meat of tomorrow.

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Posted 30/06/2010 – 02:13

Ooh I like that label. Now the stores can't sell bad meat. Perfect :p

Arnoud van den Heuvel
Posted 04/09/2009 – 22:56

@barcode labels: You sure know where to stick your labels, so I believe you. Couldn't find any "freshness label" on your website though. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some google ads to click. :P

barcode labels
Posted 04/09/2009 – 14:37

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