Exmovere Chariot: the wearable wheelchair

October 25th 2009


Exmovere Holdings, a biomedical engineering company, is focused on government and consumer applications for healthcare, security and mobility. This company developed Exmovere Chariot a self-balancing, hands-free, motorized wearable wheelchair that enables both disabled and non-disabled people to move around in an upright position.

The vehicle is controlled through sensors located near the lower torso. It requires minimal physical effort and allows users to closely approach and reach objects. It is powered by a battery located in the base.

Will it be our prosthesis of the future? The experts of Exmovere Holdings call it a New Biotechnological Frontier.
Exmovere Chariot in the office

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Posted 18/12/2009 – 01:39

I'm with Patricia on this one. (Absurd businessmen aside) Although it would be a respectable step towards better prosthetics for less abled people, there's no way you could get into it without assistance.
Also, HA. What if you drop something- hilarious. Oh, man, ridiculous prototype.

Posted 12/11/2009 – 14:03

Notice how you have to be able bodied to get in and out of this prototype. If they are serious about making this an alternative to wheel chairs then they need to make it possible to get into while sitting or lying down. Once you've done that how do you go to the bathroom? It's way too high up!

Posted 03/11/2009 – 05:57

haha what if you drop something?

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