Harddrive on legs

Van Mensvoort
March 14th 2010

Drive Legs is a portable hard drive which stands up if liquid is spilled near it. Created by James Chambers, who is experimenting with giving products defense mechanisms to maintain their functioning within the unpredictable reality of everyday use. We also like his sneezing Gesundheid radio.

Via Bright. Related post: IVY – harddisk cover evolves with your data, Luxalive - the emotional lamp, The order electrus.

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Posted 20/09/2010 – 10:27

My favorite part is how someone has to push it upright as it won't function on its own. It may need a little more work...

Posted 15/03/2010 – 13:11

Yeah just what I was thinking, nice idea though.
Reminds me of the BigDog DARPA development that won't fall over, or the Mercedes cars that don't want to crash.

Posted 14/03/2010 – 22:48

And then it stops functioning from the impact of the "dismount" :p

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