8-bit Icon Watch

Hendrik-Jan Grievink
April 2nd 2010

Remember that aggravating 8-bit pixeled watch icon that used to replace your mouse cursor whenever your Apple computer was ‘taking time’ to finish a task? Displaying a wristwatch to show your computer was busy always felt like an odd metaphor – likewise for the sand clock icon on Microsoft computers – yet once it was replaced by the animated rainbow warp, people immediately missed it.

Luckily for all you pixel-nostalgics out there, the icon watch now boomeranged into the physical world. To be worn as a wrist clock for 8-bit retro time telling. Get yours and keep this lost symbol of the pixel era alive. Pass it on to your children!

To order your Icon Watch, please visit our store.

The Icon watch is made of an ABS and stainless steel body with a polyurethane band. Designed by & Design. Size: Case: 1.25h x 1.25"w; Band: .75"w.

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Posted 15/12/2012 – 10:42

Hi, i'm interested in getting one, can i still order it? do you ship to Colombia? how long does it take to arrive?

Koert van Mensvoort
Posted 21/10/2012 – 22:44

@Barry: We have the same taste, we only have black ones.

Posted 20/10/2012 – 01:19

Im just about to order one of these, can you make sure it is black? the white version isnt to my taste. thank you x

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