Geminoid Female

Arnoud van den Heuvel
April 19th 2010

Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro (Intelligent Robotics Laboratory at Osaska University) has done it again! This time in coöperation with robot-maker Kokoro Co. Ltd. Objective: to create a realistic-looking remote-control female android (actroid) that mimics the facial expressions and speech of a human operator. Result: "Geminoid F".

The Geminoid F’s easy-to-use teleoperation system, which was developed by ATR, consists of a smart camera that tracks the operator’s facial movements. The corresponding data is relayed to the robot’s control system, which coordinates the movement of the pneumatic actuators to reproduce the expressions on the android’s face.

The efficient design makes the robot much cheaper to produce than previous models. Kokoro plans to begin selling copies of the Geminoid F next month for about $110,000 each.

Articles don't say who her human counterpart is. We guess she is a Japanese model, but who cares about the original if you can have a copy?

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Warren Maynard
Posted 11/10/2010 – 03:01

I would find interacting with this robot/person interesting. I don't know how I would react but I would love to have the opportunity to meet her.

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