Let the Bacteria do the Cleaning

Van Mensvoort
April 26th 2010

Dusting furniture and floors should be history in forty years time, as special bacteria in a yet to develop cleaning product will be eating the dirt.

The speculative cleaning product Terra BioNet, developed by Tim Brüggemann and Matthias Mittelsten Scheid of the Mannheim Universiteit, won the international innovation challenge organized by the German brand Henkel – creator of products Persil washing powder, Pritt-glue and Schwarzkopf shampoo.

Terra Bionet is a biologically degradable cleaning product, which includes genetically modified bacteria that feed on dirt. It is the dream of every cleaner and yet another step in the fusing of the made & the born.

Pity the technology is expected to hit the shelves only in 2050. If only this product was a bit more feasible it would nicely fit in our upcoming Nano Supermarket, of which submissions are still welcome until May 31th 2010.

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Chad R
Posted 30/10/2013 – 01:55

This cleaning technology sounds unreal. Too bad it is expected to be mainstream in 2050 - we could use it now!

Idaho Falls Carpet Cleaning
Posted 20/03/2012 – 19:31

I would imagine that it would take along time for a product like that to weave through all the regulations

Office cleaning Seattle
Posted 11/02/2011 – 13:23

Such an incredible innovation. It's really a dream of every cleaner and housemaid. We will be waiting for it, unfortunately almost 40 years. But still, it's a big step ahead.

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