Castle Duivenvoorde

Rolf Coppens
June 22nd 2010

That Next Nature is nothing new can be proven in a walk around Castle Duivenvoorde. The castle dates back from the 11th century, while the gardens date from 1631. In a time where wild and old nature was still widespread, the noble family Van Duivenvoorde created a vast terrain of gardens and ponds.

Ironically, the terrain is now enclosed by two highways and a railway. The inhabitants of the castle try to live of the land and have a cradle-to-cradle philosophy on the preservation of the complex.

On Saturday June 26 there is an event with food, music and "walkshops" called the Night Of Duivenvoorde. The castle is located near The Hague in The Netherlands.

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Posted 25/06/2010 – 01:00

I think you're barking up the wrong tree... Post that is..

Posted 24/06/2010 – 10:09

Great idea, I love it but extraordinarily similar to a project we did October last year. See

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