Ties van de Werff
July 5th 2010

Techno-artists love insects. Especially their unpredictable behaviour. Eindhoven (NL) based design studio Ehdv used tracking software and connected some camera’to a bunch of wood lice, to create graphic design and even chairs.

Insects can also become living pixels. Austrian artist Gordan Savicic re-creates a famous Aracade-video game, using a new 'organic algorithm': the AI of his BioPong is performed by a cockroach which carries a neon-green pixel on its shoulder. Players can control their sticks but are not able to foresee the movement of the CI (cockroach intelligence). Feeding the pixel is not allowed!

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Posted 07/07/2010 – 04:32

What about the "Living Headphones" of Jill Haefele's?

Posted 06/07/2010 – 00:53

I sure hope PETA doesn't find out about this ;)

marcus staller
Posted 06/07/2010 – 00:07

this is quit stupid

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