Metal Rooster

Hendrik-Jan Grievink
July 16th 2010

From our reliable source – who wishes to remain anonymous – we know that this is exactly the same rooster that was used in the Philips WakeUp Light test, but only one year later. Of course, this never made it into the test results that where handed to the Philips CEO.

But seriously, we all know that the Metal Rooster is quite a character in the Chinese Zodiac: The Rooster is often seen as the original, strong and silent type, not unlike the Humphrey Bogart and Greto Garbo prototypes. Most people consider them quite eccentric. Sad to say, relationships with other people are often strained. They are quite moody and can be too outspoken. They are often self-centered, but can be quite brave when the situation calls for it. On the other hand, Rooster People are quite talented and capable. They are always devoted to their work and have a reputation for being the hardest of workers. Rooster People are deep thinkers and are pioneers in spirit. They can experience the greatest of joy in complete solitude. Even though often alone, they rarely experience loneliness. Instead, they enjoy their own company and feel solitude helps them in their quest after knowledge.

Shark-tail Soup and fortune cookies are among the keys to good health.

Sometimes this one walks around with its head in the cumulus clouds, higher than the stars. You see, this rooster struts around with peacock feathers and they never ever ruffle. So much arrogance can make it hard to get along with others, especially when the Rooster is also intolerant of those who are less talented and a bit slower than normal. On the other hand, the Metal Rooster is extraordinarily talented. Of all twelve Zodiac signs, this one is probably the most high-minded of them all, with a very clean line of thought. The Metal Roosters can distinguish right from wrong very clearly and it doesn't matter which direction they pursue, they always wind up going the right way. If they confront a maze, or big problem, they will immediately see a solution because of their analytical, logical way of thinking. Through their perseverance, any hurricane becomes an orderly thing of beauty, just like that! When it's time for romance, the male Metal Rooster has no trouble at all, love just abounds; the female has a tendency to keep to herself, making connections less freely, but lastingly when they happen.

But for both count: don’t wake them up too early!


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Stan Leibert
Posted 04/05/2013 – 23:32

I enjoy reading through a post that will make men and women think.
Also, thanks for allowing me to comment!

Posted 01/02/2012 – 15:20

Agree with the non-waking early part! haha

Hendrik-Jan Grievink
Posted 21/07/2010 – 12:45

Well, I never wanted to intellectualise this post but if you’re saying it’s off-topic, I disagree. Of course, this is all about antropomorphism in a way: the attribution of human characteristics to innanimate objects – and chinese astrology is full of that. But I feel that sometimes you should let a joke just be … a joke.

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