The Crossing of Species

Van Mensvoort
August 1st 2010

Designer Bob de Graaf takes pleasure in collecting and combining objects from old nature & next nature in search for similarities. Surely a traditional biologist would not create a collection like this anytime soon, but then again, an extraterrestrial alien scientists who's observations wouldn't be burdened by established notions of nature and culture, might have. Peculiar image of the week.

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Yasaman Sheri
Posted 08/08/2010 – 17:42


Should men be able to give birth to children?

Koert van Mensvoort: Is the artificial womb frankenstein-like symbol of (male) engineers trying to steal the magical womb from women? Or… is it a feminist project and needed to reach through equality between the sexes? I personally lean towards the latter. To me it feels like progress if a girl can tell a guy to carry the womb for a change.

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