Augmented Ecologies

Van Mensvoort
February 27th 2011

It might take a while before this goes mainstream, if ever, but there is a certain luster in being a plant VJ.

Augmented Ecologies is an installation by Guido Maciocci, who rigged up plants with sensors to create a kinesthetic user experience with movement, touch, sound and light. When the user touches the plants or pressure sensitive moss they create different types of musical notes.

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Guido Maciocci
Posted 03/03/2011 – 16:41

Glad to see the project is generating some interest! Thanks again Koert for posting it.
Great projects Ricardo! I'm particularly impressed by your project Plantas Parlantes. You may be interested in another small project I did on the same theme entitled Green Village.

Posted 03/03/2011 – 16:03

Nice piece of work. Reminds me the Interactive plant growing that Christa and Laurent did back in 1993 i guess.

Joris De Bakker
Posted 02/03/2011 – 17:00
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