Next Nature Server Dementia
March 27th 2011

Over the last few days the Next Nature website has been suffering symptoms of dementia due to a hardware failure at our very fancy and luxurious web hosting provider Media Temple. The incident was caused by to two failed storage drives and likely a failed RAID controller at their data center, which resulted in memory loss at

Recovery is currently in progress, yet this may still cause some glitches or déjà vu experiences over the next few days. We apologize for this situation. We advise you to take a nice walk in the park while we are reanimating.

Obviously we are disappointed by the failure, as we chose the supposedly top notch host Mediatemple to avoid such events in the first place. We are working on a more secure hosting plan for the future. For your information: the picture above was not taken in a Mediatemple data center, rather, it is our peculiar image of the week.

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(mt) Sara
Posted 28/03/2011 – 23:02

I very sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused. An incident of this nature is very rare and has never happened before prior to this particular case. We very much understand your frustration and disappointment. Of course, as with any large scale failure, we will learn from the experience and take measures to prevent similar a occurrence from happening in the future. If you have any more questions or concerns regarding this incident and your account, please contact us.

Koert van Mensvoort
Posted 27/03/2011 – 22:06

@Felipe: Our course we could study the case as a next nature disaster, yet I can assure you the problems were real and are not an experiment. At least not a planned one.

Felipe Alvarado
Posted 27/03/2011 – 21:17

i still don't know if this post it's a kind of experiment or something

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