Manufactured Rainbows

Bastiaan Ekeler
May 2nd 2011

Why wait for old nature to give us rainbows when we have so many ways of making our own? The image above shows solar-powered installation that uses recycled rainwater to create on-demand rainbows in Omaha, Nebraska.

But if you need something more mobile this is also an option. The video above shows a guerilla style drive-by rainbow graffiti.

Or what about a portable rainbow for when you need some color on the move?

Image source

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Posted 16/07/2011 – 10:19

Good day! I am interested in the project "Artificial rainbow." Where and for how much I can buy all the necessary equipment?

Guido Maciocci
Posted 04/05/2011 – 12:56

Rainbows Rainbows Rainbows!

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