Nano Supermarket @ TEDx

Van Mensvoort
May 23rd 2011

Last week our NANO Supermarket was presented at TEDxBrainport in Eindhoven. A good opportunity to show some of our speculative nano products and explain a bit of the why & how of our supermarket noir.

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Posted 12/12/2013 – 15:15

Cette vidéo m'a juste donné envie de me pendre à cause de l'exercice d'après ! ;)

Posted 28/06/2011 – 23:30

Awesome I enjoyed this video the 1st two products seemed very probable. I am in the nano field myself and currently getting my Biomimicry degree. I also liked the algae lamp pretty neat idea.
I think in the next episode you should put nano robots, the human computer interface and silver nanoparticles.
ps. I disliked the twitter concept its almost as bad as the RFID tags!!

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