Tomberry – The Worlds Smallest Tomato

Van Mensvoort
July 21st 2011

Some people like berries, some like tomato's. So what do you get when you get when the two mate? Indeed, the latest hyperfruit spotted on the selves is the Tomberry. This unusually small cultivar of tomatoes, which weight only 1-2 grams and are less than a centimeter in size, is produced by the Dutch company Eminent Food BV and distributed throughout Europe. Unsurprisingly the name Tomberry has been trademarked.

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susan watt
Posted 20/08/2012 – 01:03

I have had the tomberry tomatoes in a restaurant and love them.....where can I buy from? I live in Retford notts....Regards Sue

Margaret Miller
Posted 22/03/2012 – 23:15

My local Sainsbury's supermarket in Poole Dorset has stopped selling Tomberry Tomatoes. Could you please tell me where I can buy them from now. Many thanks!

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