Beyond Recognition @ Sameheads Gallery, Berlin

Hendrik-Jan Grievink
August 16th 2011

Coming saturday, your faithful Next Nature editor/designer Hendrik-Jan Grievink will perform Beyond Recognition – a corporate poem about the image of words, at Sameheads Gallery in Berlin. It would be nice to see you there, if you happen to be in Berlin…

The performance, together with a physical installation by Hendrik-Jan are part of Multiple Choice, an exhibition/event curated by (a.o.) Michael Kluver, who was a member of the Next Nature design team end of 2010 and worked with us on the Nano Supermarket and the forthcoming Next Nature Book. Fall 2011 will see the light of the Brand Memory Game, based on the performance by Hendrik-Jan.

Sameheads Gallery
Richardstrasse 10
Berlin (Neukölln)

Multiple Choice Opening
Saturday, August 20 at 9:00am - August 21 at 9:00am

day 09:00-22:00 free
night 22:00-09:00 5 euro

Brand Recognition Memory
Design by Hendrik-Jan Grievink
BIS publishers 2011 | ISBN 9063692625
Presale via Amazon


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