Evolution of the Chicken

Van Mensvoort
August 4th 2011

From Dinosaur to primitive bird to supermarket discount. Although chickens thrive as a species – in the sense that billions of them roam the earth bio-industry – we doubt if the decision of the chicken-species to involve itself in a co-evolutionary relation with people, was a wise one. Lesson learned: always be very concise on what or who you get into a co-evolutionary relationship with. Chickens have limited abilities in this regard, but people should do better.

Via NRC charity Awards. Thanks René Pare.

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bobweena bobson
Posted 05/06/2013 – 17:49

im a gay pig who loves chickens. btw im drunk

bobweena bobson
Posted 05/06/2013 – 17:48

My and my boyfriend are obsessed with chickens lol!

bobweena bobson
Posted 05/06/2013 – 17:46

love chickens! so does my amazayn boyfriend - hes obsessed with em!

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