Bottle Plant

Rolf Coppens
September 3rd 2011

The Coca-Cola introduces the PlantBottle. Partially made of plants, this bottle is 100% recyclable. Next step will be a natural bottle fully growing on a plant. In the meanwhile, I am still waiting for my Organic Coke.

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Posted 05/09/2011 – 14:15

Walking through London this weekend, I noticed how the campaign dominated the streets. I think it's fascinating how a beverage is sold by a focus on the packaging. I would have expected a company of this caliber to be more creative with a concept like this though. --> 2006:

Posted 04/09/2011 – 17:47

Now that the drink and its bottle are both made of the same material, a derivative of sugar, can they be recycled interchangeably? Would the next advance in PR mungo cheerio read: “The Coke Kompany Introduces Innovative Drink Made From Renewable, Recyclable, Plant-Based Bottle”?

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