E.Coli produced Spider Silk

Stefan Fincken
October 3rd 2011

In a previous post we have reported on spider silk, it's applications and the way it is produced. Adding the gene responsible for the production of the spider silk protein to other animals has given us silkworms and spidergoats that produce spider silk. We can now ad a harmless version of E.Coli to the spider silk production list.

Via Physorg. Image via University of California.

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Ela Florante
Posted 20/03/2014 – 05:35

A good version of E.coli? Is this for real? If it is then let everyone now, I'm sure everyone will love to know what this is. I'm waiting for the next blog.

hari ojha
Posted 08/02/2012 – 01:18

i know there is a possibility of producing spider silk in a large scale and i am a student of M.Sc. so i am interested in studying in this field and you will respond me

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