Next Nature Power Show 2011 Amsterdam
October 3rd 2011

The Next Nature Power Show is an intellectual spectacle where artists, scientists, designers, filmmakers, architects and philosophers present their radical ideas, visionary statements and powerful images on how to design, build and live in Next Nature: the nature caused by people.

After successful editions in Paradiso, Amsterdam (2003, 2005), Zollverein, Germany (2006) and the Million Dollar Theater, Los Angeles USA (2008) the event returns to the Netherlands. During the museum night of 5th of November 2011 the vintage city theater of Amsterdam is surged with over 20 visions on Next Nature. Expect a mixture of live performances, film, physical experience and virtual imagination. Presenters include Bruce Sterling, John Zerzan, Jos de Mul and Rachel Armstrong. On top of that, the highly anticipated Next Nature book will be presented.

Tickets €25,- (Students: €20). Order them online or call: +31 20 6242311
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Marco van Beers
Posted 03/10/2011 – 19:38

Unfortunately this coincides with our Glow project opening, would love to be there/help. A very interesting line up!

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