Skin Gun Heals Burn Victims

Van Mensvoort
October 17th 2011

Earlier we've posted the Bulletproof Skin, now here is the Skin Gun: a stem cell spray gun used to heal burn victims. It is up to you – dear intelligent readers – to image if and how these two projects are related. Many small steps in the blend between the made & the born together form one giant leap. Thanks Ronald.

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Peter Sijmons
Posted 18/10/2011 – 02:02

At least one relation is that the seeding of skin cells on the biotech-woven silk allows for a much larger area that can be used for treatments of burn victims. The silk is biodegradable and will eventually disappear. It may in fact be the long term outcome of all the work done by Jalila Essaïdi on the bullitproof skin; a superior matrix to seed skin cells on a strong and very flexible matrix.

Thijs Visser
Posted 18/10/2011 – 01:55

It is illustrative that this spray technology is much faster in growing skin than the grow-skin-from-scratch technology.
So the technology relying on powers of the human body is vastly superior to the technology that tries to replace the powers of the body.
It is an almost universal principle that technology which relies on nature to do the hard work works better that tech that tries to do it all.

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