Powershow 2011 Pictures

November 16th 2011

On the 5th of November 2011, the Next Nature Power Show rocked the city theater of Amsterdam with a roller-coaster of performances and the launch of the long awaited Next Nature book.

We thank our superb speakers and enthusiastic audience for an unforgettable and amazing evening. In case you missed the show: Sooth yourself with the inferior derivatives (pictures) below. Videos and backstage images are in the pipeline.

Koert van Mensvoort – Crash course Next Nature thinking

Bruce Sterling – Shares his vision on Next Nature

Tracy Metz – Nature is an agreement

Lucy McRay presents Swallowable Parfum (picture Aylin Groenewoud)

Persijn Broersen & Margit Lukács introduce their film Mastering Bambi.

Mark Post – Meet the new Meat

Tuur van Balen – Hacking Yoghurt

Rachel Armstrong – Living Architecture.


Studio Smack – Pimp my Planet


Ronald van Tienhoven – Techno Animism

Gordon Savicic – Web 2.0 Suicide

Mul & De Mul – Gods Browser, the biotechnological sublime

Hendrik-Jan Grievink presents the Next Nature book

Regine Debatty – On stage book review

Crowded bookstore after the show

If the line at the bookstore was too long for you. Get your book here.

Photos by Daphne Channahorn, René Rieger, Regine Debatty & Alyin Groenewoud.

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