Human Furniture

Van Mensvoort
December 16th 2011

This unpractical yet not less pretty anthropomorphic furniture piece was created by photographer David Blazques. We are clueless on whether it is in permanent use, yet it serves fine as our peculiar image(*) of the week.

(*) I stumbled on this image while preparing a lecture on Anthropomorphobia for the I Don't Know Where I Am Going But I Want To Be There symposium, this Saturday in Paradiso, Amsterdam.

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Posted 18/12/2011 – 08:10

Why do we not see a dangling penis?

What is your view on the coronavirus?

Ine Geevers: #YesNaturally was about co-evolution and partnership. How to become friends with o.a. bacteria, microbes and viruses. Because yes, they can be deadly and vital at the same time.

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