Selective Shopping

Van Mensvoort
December 3rd 2011

In a cheerful attempt to investigate and subvert the image consumption power structures of the contemporary supermarket, designer Marco Ugolini and photographer Pedro Motta went out on a colorful selective shopping trip.

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Posted 03/12/2011 – 23:04

thats what i usually do with pink products!

Posted 01/02/2011 – 14:26

Reminds me of Hitchcock's famous (and possibly apocryphal) blue dinner party:

Posted 29/01/2011 – 22:56

in that case check out French artist Sophie Calle.
in her book "de l'obéissance" she is having a color diet: not only did she gather food of the same color, she also ate it for a week. much braver than this guys who didn't even buy their stuff...

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