Implanted Magnets to Keep Your iPod Close
May 20th 2012

Body-mod enthusiast David Hurban has decided to make a lifelong commitment to his iPod Nano. By implanting magnets in his wrist, Hurban has created a permanent bracket to hold his device. Of course, as some wise Youtubers have pointed out, there might be a problem if the next iPod comes in a different size. Want ideas for your own Apple-branded self-surgery? Watch the video of Hurban's process here.

Thanks to Frederike Kaltheuner for the tip.

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permanent magnets
Posted 21/05/2012 – 17:50

Magnets and Ferrites are often a relatively low cost part of a great many pieces of equipment but their importance is extremely high.
Think this is a bit extreme though. He will be annoyed when apple change the form and material of the nano!

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